X-931 Touchless Wheel Aligner

 The X-931 Touch-less wheel aligner accurately measures the wheel alignment parameters without any component touching with the vehicle tyre or wheel rim.  It can measure each parameter of the vehicle wheel: front and rear Toe-in, front and rear camber, caster, Kingpin inclination and thrust angle, etc.


• 2 years of research and development, X-931 acchieved the advanced technology of Laser Imaging

• 5 times faster than the traditional 3D Wheel Aligner

• Unnecessary to perform the vehicle-pushing compensation operation

• Without any component touching with the vehicle tire or wheel rim

• Unnecessary to mount and demount the Wheel Clamps and the targets

Measurement Parameters

Alignement Parameters
Total Toe-in: ±20°
Individual Toe-in: ±10°
Camber: ±8°
Caster: ±20°
Kingpin inclination: ±2°
Trust Angle: ±5°