• 80gsm paper thickness
  • Different paper width (110mm / 210mm)
  • Various thermal paper grades (Standard, High Density, High Glossy)
  • Standard grade (SM110S) — optimal grayscale
  • High density grade (SM110HD) — dark and intense image printouts
  • High glossy grade (SM110HG) — distinctive brand identity and protection against counterfeit products, scratch resistant and water resistant
  • Suitable for use on Sony & Mitsubishi video printers
Paper size

• (110mm x 20m)Standard Density
• (110mm x 20m)High Density B/W Image
• (110mm x 18m)High Glossy B/W Image
• (210mm x 25m)Standard Density B/W Image
• (210mm x 25m)High Density B/W Image
• (210mm x 25m)High Glossy B/W Image
• (84mm x 13.5m)Standard Density B/W Image
• (84mm x 12.5m)High Glossy B/W Image